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About us

    They are small but big in personality. They are imaginative, creative, and full of energy – They love to laugh, to jump and Sing, they are all Stars, in their own unique way. They are SkipStars!
    Welcome to SkipStars! My name is Mo Farhat and I am the founder of Idea of SkipStars started 10 years ago when I wanted to create fun / funky brand for kids, but I could not start it for various reasons. 10 years later I have my two SkipStars and seeing their love for clothing inspired me to adopt SkipStars idea to offer fun / cheerful clothing at economical pricing.
    We work directly with manufacturers across Europe, Turkey and Far-East to offer you quality clothing range at best prices cutting any middleman / big outlet commissions / margins.
    SkipStars brand is built around the idea of providing fun, comfy, well-made clothing for kids. Our collections sourced from manufacturers around the globe, and it prominently feature colours and prints, as well as comfortable, easy fabrics that can be easily combined.
    we are constantly on the lookout for like-minded people who are passionate about making big things happen. Any available vacancies will be updated on social media pages. You can also send your cv to